About Us

We're proud to provide the best in light bladder leak and period protection so you can be kind to the environment and safe for your body with Caliwi leak proof underwear.
  • That by using Caliwi leakproof underwear you are saving the equivalent of 4 plastic bags for each package of sanitary pads you buy? You can make an impact on the environment by switching to Caliwi Leakproof Underwear!
  • Each year, manufacturing disposable menstrual products produces an estimated carbon footprint of 15 MILLION TONS of greenhouse gas emissions which is the EQUIVALENT OF BURNING 35 MILLION BARRELS OF OIL. That's just in ONE YEAR and this statistic doesn't even include the production of disposable incontinence products. We can all make a positive impact on the environment by teaching our daughters a better way to manage their menstruation when using Caliwi Leakproof Underwear.
  • In the case of tampon cords, they are usually glued in rather than woven. We owe our daughters and granddaughters more. What we were taught isn't necessarily what we should pass down to our girls. They deserve better.
  • That for every pair of Caliwi Leakproof Underwear we sell, one matching pair is donated to women and girls in need through homeless and female domestic violence programs? Your purchase makes a difference that you can feel good about.
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