Bamboo Charcoal (Black) vs Bamboo (White)

So what's the difference between Bamboo Charcoal (black) vs Bamboo (white)?

Bamboo (white) pads are made from a natural fiber so you can put them directly against your skin. Bamboo is incredibly soft and absorbent, and remain that way for several years worth of use. This makes them one of the best investments when it comes to reusable sanitary pads. Bamboo absorbs moisture incredibly fast and can hold a lot of it without irritating the skin. 

Charcoal Bamboo (black) pads are are made from bamboo layers with charcoal spun into it on the outside, and microfiber layers on the inside. Charcoal bamboo pads come with 2 layers of microfiber in the middle, making them an excellent insert for heavy flow. Because the outside layers are made from bamboo material, it is safe to lay the insert against your skin. Due to the unique bamboo and charcoal combination, the inserts have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and can even control the level of moisture your skin has when in contact with the material. An added benefit of charcoal bamboo pads are their color. Because they are much darker in color than microfiber, bamboo or hemp, they don't show staining that sometimes can happen over time.